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12V SK6805 RGBW 5050 4 IN 1 Addressable led strip


1.Dance stage decoration

2.Christmas pixel led trees

3.3D pixel led curtain

4.KTV/STAGE decoration

5.Curve/bridge decoration

6.Supermarket/Shopping mall lighting show

7.3D lighting,live performance,Disco/night club/bars,TV Show



12V SK6805 RGBW 5050 4 IN 1 Addressable 60LED 60pixels rgbw led strip light

PN: IL-S10060SK6805RGBWV12


1. DC12V addressable led strip

2.SK6805 IC built-in SMD5050 RGBW LED lamp

3.60led 60pixels/m


5.10mm pcb width

6.2oz copper pcb

7.white/black pcb

What's more

1.12V SK6805 RGBW 60LED pixel led strip is to use SK6805 RGBW LED lamp have R,G,B,W in one SMD5050 LED lamp with 6pin for excellent lighting effects. For White color you can choose 3000K,4500k,6000k,7000-8000k or other special white.

2. White PCB and black PCB optional.

3. This 12v sk6805 RGBW led strip we used is with 6 feet SK6805 RGBW led lamp that is different with 4 feet sk6812 rgbw,but it's protocol is also compatible with 5v sk6812 rgbw led pixel strips.

4. Flexible PCB material . Each LED/Pixel can be cut , there is cut lines every 16.7mm.

5. 60LEDs/M,dc 12V low voltage inputted, don’t over 13V,otherwise you will destroy the entire strip.Considering on this 12v sk6805 rgbw led strip have bigger electric current,we DON’T recommend you to light 4 chips(R,G,B,W) together at the same time.

6. 10mm width PCB,0.25mm thickness with 3M tape back side for non-weatherproof version.Also can do IP65 silicone tube and drop glue on the surface. IP67 silicone tube with full glue inside. IP68 with neon tubes.

7. It is only Date Pin for signal transfer , no Clock,that is,DC12V,DAT,GND .

8. 5050 SK6805 RGBW 6feet led lamp use 800kbps protocol,which ws2812bs is only 400Hz.

9. Controller System:SD controller , DMX controller , Art-net and so on .

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