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24V 12mm WS2811 pixel led string light


1.Dance floor

2.Christmas tree

3.Small/big screen

4.KTV/STAGE decoration

5.Curve/bridge decoration

6.Indoor/outdoor signs/letters



12mm 24V WS2811 UCS1903 digital rgb pixel Christmas led string light

Part No:IL-P12V24


1.12mm diameter 38mm deep

2.dc24v 0.6W/pcs(LED on full white)

3.100pcs/chain or 200pcs/chain

4.SPI signal compitable with WS2811/UCS1903 IC chip

5.SPI signal with DATA only

6.Each pcs with F8 diffused rgb pixel, also can do clear F8 led lamp.

7.3Pin color cable with 20AWG

What's more 

12mm rgb pixels are addressable controllable led lights, which you can program any color,or animations.Each rgb pixel is with silicone tube then glue inside, so those pixel dots are waterproof.They are typically used to make outdoor signs, but with the development of time, people also like to use those dot pixel to make Christmas tree,bridge decoration,curve...

Those dot pixels are soldered by a 3Pin cable-24v+,DAT,GND.Those pixels are with WS2811/UCS1903 signal,data is transfer to pixels by pixels.And they can be connected together by strings. The pixels use 8mm (F8) diffused rgb leds,with a 120 degree beam angle.The total max brightness of all leds is about 1600mcd.

Those Christmas pixel leds solder by the strand, each strand have 100 pixels/200pixels in series. Each strand has female and male JST SM 3pin connectors so that you can connect them with multiple strands in a sow,as many as you like,just give enough power for them. And each strand we also  have extra power cable for you to each charging power. Normal each strands you need to connect power once.

Of course, you can also cut pixels per strand you wish,just notice to solder them with right wies. 

You can drive these dot pixels with an Arduino,RF remote controller,or sd card controller such as K-1000c,K-8000C....You also can control them with madrix, just need dmx decoders or dmx controller with decoder function.

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